3 Trends to keep in summer 2013


This summer, most of the runways were carrying the metallics on each model it was one of  the necessary pieces of the shows. So don’t worry  about your previous metallic purchases, they’re back and not only back but they’re back and sizzling hot this summer! Go through your closets if your budget is low this summer and look for your METALLICS.

images (1)


Even though leather is said to be a winter fabric but thats not true, Its one of the most fabrics that have to be worn this summer 2013, so don’t worry about your stored winter leather skirts! Leather is sexy this summer, put your leather shorts on and flee the streets Ladies.

leather-pants-spring-2013-trend (1)


The retro style, back from the 1950’s & 60’s  is back and its ever so sexy and playful. Put on your bold pencil skirts and costume jewellery and strut the streets displaying your Retro pieces whilst wearing your vintage styles hats! Retro style, is all about vintage and wearing your classic yet funky clothes and colour blocking.



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