Dior Autumn-Winter Haute Couture 2013

The Fashion Poison Group as always love everything Dior except of course for their terrible Pure Poison fragrance. This season as always, head designer at Christian Dior- Raf Simons, put a new take on original legendary Dior looks such as the Dior ‘New Look’ which revolutionized women. This can be seen most with look n4 in the show. As seen below, this is definitely art in it’s purest form.

Christian-Diors-New-Look-1947 silhouette-n-4_look_femme_zoom

Another aspect the house of Dior are famous for is creating designs that convey perfect elegance on women, so with his designs Raf Simons today tries to re-capture the Dior image in a manner that appeals to women who have more rights, and more options in their lives who are living in today’s world. Here are a few of The Fashion Poison’s favorite looks from the show:

silhouette-n-2_look_femme_zoom silhouette-n-11_look_femme_zoom silhouette-n-22_look_femme_zoom silhouette-n-37_look_femme_zoom


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