Chanel Autumn-Winter Haute Couture 2013

The Chanel show was brilliant of course, every single time we watch a Chanel show we are shocked by the wonderful mixtures and colors of all the fabrics that Karl Lagerfeld uses. The show was full of chilly colors like blues, (especially midnight blue), silver, and grey with some military green in the mixture.

The designs were fair, the beginning had lovely iconic Chanel coats with mini-skirts and maxi belts. The designs were so wonderfully classic, but still had that modern appeal with the futuresque colors used on the design like midnight blue with silver to give it that spacey ‘out of this world’ look, like the image below.


All these iconic Chanel coats seemed fabulous in the beginning but it seemed as the show progressed, that there were far too many coats and that the design was repeated with nothing more than different colors. I’m sure the designers could have played about with length, and collars in some of these designs so that they wouldn’t seem so similar. Don’t get me wrong, they were all beautiful, I just wanted more from Chanel. Some of the repeating designs are below.

1 2 3 4

The coats may have been a bit disappointing, but  with no doubt, the maxi-belts used were an unsuspected perfect touch to the designs, in a way i feel like without these bulky belts, the design will seem incomplete, it’s like the belt was the finishing touch that made the whole design seem elegant, and high class. Also, some of the mini-skirts had a tulle skirt underneath, which was absolutely and completely wonderfully sophisticated as Chanel clothes are always.

21 22 24

The end of the show obviously had all the dresses, which made me fall in love with Chanel and fashion even more. The dresses were all perfectly majestic.

58 57 56 44 48 45 41 60

These dresses are wonderful because of all the fabulous patterns, the expensive materials, the frost winter colors and of course the amazing Chanel seamstress’ talent. The designs were all perfect individually and together as a show. The metallic materials fitted with all the tulle and accessories. Some of the coats were slightly disappointing but they were still beautiful and definitely Chanel.


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