Can Louis Vuitton Handbags Be Too Fab?

The Fashion Poison Group, absolutely LOVES everything Louis Vuitton. It’s like each hand bags’ design fell from heaven! Each bag fulfills a woman’s needs, making it very practical, and still managed to be the most stylish, sexy hand bags in the high end fashion stores. But recently, one particular Louis Vuitton handbag has crowded the streets- The Neverfull Handbag. It Appears in their monogram, damier ebene, damier azur, monogram idylle, and epi collections. People love this hand bag because it is designed so that you can find what ever possession of yours as fast as possible and (as it’s name suggests) is so big that it is never full. I know this bag seems like it fell from the skies, but there’s just one problem: EVERYONE IS WEARING IT. So The Fashion Poison Group are sending out this message: LET GO OF YOUR NEVERFULLS! Why would you ever want to walk around in the streets looking like ALL the other people around you?

fashion dont

There are so many other brands that make luxury handbags it unbelievable! People just use Louis Vuitton as a safety net, because they suit everything else you wear. There are spacious, stylish, everyday bags like Jimmy Choo’s ‘Blake’ and ‘Rosalie’, Chloe’s ‘Marcie’ and Alexander McQueen’s ‘Heroine’ bags.

In order: Alexander McQueen ‘Heroine’,  Jimmy Choo ‘Blare’, Chloe ‘Marcie’, Jimmy Choo ‘Rosalie’

Heroine Blare marcie Rosalie S

There is just so much fashion, and art out there and it hurts to see all the beautiful women stuck to one trend. All these bags are beautiful just like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, so why are people beginning to neglect other bags? So ladies, get out there and stay individual!


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