Love it Or Leave it? Layering


So as you all may or may have not heard, the layering trend is back and we’re all so excited to warmly welcome it especially for Fall 2013. But first, we’d like to introduce you to it & make sure you know the rules and regulations! There are so many Do’s & Don’ts for layering that it confuses most of us, but what if we narrowed it down to you in a few points & showed you how stylish you could be when you layer your clothes.

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Wether you’re going out casually or going for a stroll in the streets or going to an event, there are so many ways you can style yourself and mainly focusing on the layering trend theres so many ways to layer your outfit. To layer, you basically need to add some extra pieces to your outfit but don’t over do it & look like an overdressed wannabe, you could start by wearing leather & sheer together for example or putting one bright piece of clothing on top of your outfit! These are the most common looks of layering as well as wearing  pullover on top of your shirt’s or as some may call your chemise.

1360702356168785 kim-kardashian-sheer-top leila-shams-leather-bust-sheer-maxi-dress-profile


This layering trend is mainly established by street stylers, theres no secret to it & not all fashion designers use it in their fashion shows, so this is about you and your street style. Getting caught by the paps cause of your style is a dream come true to many! But don’t forget that you could make your own trends and hope they become noticed.




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