Reasons why to wear the ‘Houndstooth’ Print.



Theres always been a group of ladies that dressed so manly yet looked so sexy, well this year we doubt it’ll be a group anymore it’s going to e most of the female population. The houndstooth print is so classic, it can be worn with any colour and its a replacement of the tiger print if you’re bored of it or don’t like it however they’re both in trend But, it was about time the Fashion world introduced to us the Hounds Tooth to replace many trends and start looking different, Don’t worry you’re going to find this print everywhere even in your own closets! Houndstooth. isn’t only best for office attire now but it’s also sexy and thats what Michael Kors proved to us this fall 2013 in his fashion shows.


Lie Sang Bong, grabbed our attention with his vivid red pop colours and neon houndstooth print designs. They were all absolutely eye grabbing, we couldn’t resist seeing them and not making a post about them. He managed to use harmonious colours as well, his designs are a pure piece of art is what we’d like to say and we welcome him into our Fashion World with our arms wide open.

Lie-Sang-Bong-spring-2013 lie-sang-bong-spring-summer-2013


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