Beanies are SWAG you need to rock!


We’ve been discussing the Beanie trend for ages now & whether it’s in or out, but TFP finally came up with their decision. Beanies have been seen on our favorite teen celebrities this year and also on fashion shows! The thing we love about beanies, is that no matter how many times you wear it cause you have a bad hair day not only will it cover up but make you look so young & trendy, Beanies usually give off a grunge look, but TFP are sure you can pull off any look you desire.

leixfg-l-580x580 Cara+Delevingne+Winter+Hats+Knit+Beanie+0A9JMXMYNXwl 232_high

We’re sure that beanies do the trick for your outfit, whether you wanna look grunge, hipster or just normally casual and wanna cover up your hair’s mess. They’ve been making teens go crazy this year, along with the word “SWAG” and the phrases that are written on them such as “Bitch dont kill my vibe!” or “Ain’t no Wifey”. You’ll find these Beanies available in brands like; Obey, Boy London, Burberry and online will do the job, but theres also Asos & Urban Outfitters if these are near you.

tumblr_mew6zxmbar1rojryxo1_500 tumblr_mrjmp5r5jS1supxk4o1_500 tumblr_mrjmrw500g1s9mm74o1_500

And last but not least, every girls crushes Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone & one Direction were all spotted wearing Beanies and we think they all look so sexy. Comment & tell us which celebrity is your fav! ❤



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