Guide: What to wear at the BEACH!


We all have maxi skirts at home, or short skirts for parties, but did we ever think we could have both?! Well the answer is YES ladies! While fashion never fails to impress, it also surprises us by giving us both at one! In the past two years, these skirts have caught our sight, and we took a glimpse and thought about the success by the designers and creators and how “superb” it is! No sarcasm, were being serious this is a fashion steal that everyone would love to own & show off with at the beach.


TFP thinks these type of skirts should be worn by the beach, or an afternoon event, or perhaps a casual hang out with your friends during the Day!  One way to wear it during the morning on the beach is to keep your bikini top on & look ever so sexy. For a late night party at the beach, how about a halter neck crop top that shows a bit of stomach and not much cleavage. In our opinion, these skirts fit best with a crop top, any color matching the skirt or you could go for the colour blocking look. Anyways, we wanted to bring your attention that this maxi ‘treat’ skirt give you a sexy but simply creative look.


They can be found in many fashionable stores yet our favourite ones are Zara, Bershka, Asos & one of the best online stores Nasty Gal! They have all your sizes & of course all the sexy colours this summer which may be nearly over but pastels are still in this Fall 2013 so don’t worry.


Au Revoir Fashionistas!


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