The Good Old Hairstyles


This summer as you can see from our other posts the 60’s trends are back! And with it of course we welcome all the sexy & classy hairstyles for this Summer’13. TFP think that whether you have your hair up or your hair down you can look magical with all these hairstyles back from the sixties, when the new era began whether it was because of hippies, feminism or gays.

BARDOT_19060s-inspired-fashion-02images (3)

TFP chose the most inspiring celebrities from the 60’s were Bridget Bardot, Audrey Hepburn & Twiggy. Pulling off such hairstyles isn’t as easy as one could think, but these wide curls were the trick and their here again. Personally, we think these looks are a spice up accessory to your hair this summer. The volumized hair just shows how powerful these women were at the beginning of this new era! Even though, they had a lot of breathtaking hairstyles this year the most concentrated on would be the bouffant.



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