Can Louis Vuitton Handbags Be Too Fab?

The Fashion Poison Group, absolutely LOVES everything Louis Vuitton. It’s like each hand bags’ design fell from heaven! Each bag fulfills a woman’s needs, making it very practical, and still managed to be the most stylish, sexy hand bags in the high end fashion stores. But recently, one particular Louis Vuitton handbag has crowded the streets- The Neverfull Handbag. It Appears in their monogram, damier ebene, damier azur, monogram idylle, and epi collections. People love this hand bag because it is designed so that you can find what ever possession of yours as fast as possible and (as it’s name suggests) is so big that it is never full. I know this bag seems like it fell from the skies, but there’s just one problem: EVERYONE IS WEARING IT. So The Fashion Poison Group are sending out this message: LET GO OF YOUR NEVERFULLS! Why would you ever want to walk around in the streets looking like ALL the other people around you?

fashion dont

There are so many other brands that make luxury handbags it unbelievable! People just use Louis Vuitton as a safety net, because they suit everything else you wear. There are spacious, stylish, everyday bags like Jimmy Choo’s ‘Blake’ and ‘Rosalie’, Chloe’s ‘Marcie’ and Alexander McQueen’s ‘Heroine’ bags.

In order: Alexander McQueen ‘Heroine’,  Jimmy Choo ‘Blare’, Chloe ‘Marcie’, Jimmy Choo ‘Rosalie’

Heroine Blare marcie Rosalie S

There is just so much fashion, and art out there and it hurts to see all the beautiful women stuck to one trend. All these bags are beautiful just like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, so why are people beginning to neglect other bags? So ladies, get out there and stay individual!


Love it Or Leave it? Layering


So as you all may or may have not heard, the layering trend is back and we’re all so excited to warmly welcome it especially for Fall 2013. But first, we’d like to introduce you to it & make sure you know the rules and regulations! There are so many Do’s & Don’ts for layering that it confuses most of us, but what if we narrowed it down to you in a few points & showed you how stylish you could be when you layer your clothes.

hbz-street-style-pfw-fw13-day-8-01-lgn d371c35c069c88ed_New_York_str_RF13_0721.preview images (1)

Wether you’re going out casually or going for a stroll in the streets or going to an event, there are so many ways you can style yourself and mainly focusing on the layering trend theres so many ways to layer your outfit. To layer, you basically need to add some extra pieces to your outfit but don’t over do it & look like an overdressed wannabe, you could start by wearing leather & sheer together for example or putting one bright piece of clothing on top of your outfit! These are the most common looks of layering as well as wearing  pullover on top of your shirt’s or as some may call your chemise.

1360702356168785 kim-kardashian-sheer-top leila-shams-leather-bust-sheer-maxi-dress-profile


This layering trend is mainly established by street stylers, theres no secret to it & not all fashion designers use it in their fashion shows, so this is about you and your street style. Getting caught by the paps cause of your style is a dream come true to many! But don’t forget that you could make your own trends and hope they become noticed.



Rawr this Fall with Leopard Prints!


Animal Prints, have been here for years now yet there so retro & Vintage & never get out of trend, in fact they increase! From the Giraffe to the Zebra then the Cow & now it’s the alluring Leopard Print. Looking at some of Fall 2013’s Fashion Shows, we realised that Leopard Prints are ‘On The Roll’, they are one of the most attention grabbing prints in the history of Fashion not to mention also sexy & feminine.

00150h_426x639 00010h_426x639 00020h_426x639 00050h_426x639

Above, are some of the pictures that attracted us to Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall 2013 collection because his use of the memphis-era palette which consists of Royal blue, plum tones & hot pink. The leopard Prints are all quite large, they can be seen as a statement embroidery to the outfits. As you can see, our Fave designer made the rest of the outfits simple to convey the elegance & sophistication a leopard print can bring to an outfit. Also, Jean Paul Gaultier’s designs can be called an art work because of how he brings some pieces to the show that swipe the crowds off their seats in hurry to go buy these pieces.


Here are some pictures from the rest of the show, which was also held in an art museum and this shows us that he has an artistic sense to his designs.

Below, you can see that most of the outfits are simple to make the leopard print the statement of the outfit. Leopard prints can be worn with vibrant colours or they could be vibrant , also they could be worn with leather and it makes you ladies look sexy 😉  Giambattista-Valli-Leopard-Print-Bomber-Jacket medium_1_67bf952c-20b4-41d5-a1ff-9649acedc1f0

Those are some of our pick outs;

1. You’ll find this dress  here


2. black & white leopard print here

image1xl (1)

3. sexy leopard pants here

Screen shot 2013-08-18 at 00.02.38

4. old, vintage leopard shoes

Screen shot 2013-08-18 at 00.04.33

5. leopard blouse can be found here

Screen shot 2013-08-18 at 00.06.14

6. multicolour crop top (here)

Screen shot 2013-08-18 at 00.07.32

Reasons why to wear the ‘Houndstooth’ Print.



Theres always been a group of ladies that dressed so manly yet looked so sexy, well this year we doubt it’ll be a group anymore it’s going to e most of the female population. The houndstooth print is so classic, it can be worn with any colour and its a replacement of the tiger print if you’re bored of it or don’t like it however they’re both in trend But, it was about time the Fashion world introduced to us the Hounds Tooth to replace many trends and start looking different, Don’t worry you’re going to find this print everywhere even in your own closets! Houndstooth. isn’t only best for office attire now but it’s also sexy and thats what Michael Kors proved to us this fall 2013 in his fashion shows.


Lie Sang Bong, grabbed our attention with his vivid red pop colours and neon houndstooth print designs. They were all absolutely eye grabbing, we couldn’t resist seeing them and not making a post about them. He managed to use harmonious colours as well, his designs are a pure piece of art is what we’d like to say and we welcome him into our Fashion World with our arms wide open.

Lie-Sang-Bong-spring-2013 lie-sang-bong-spring-summer-2013

Beanies are SWAG you need to rock!


We’ve been discussing the Beanie trend for ages now & whether it’s in or out, but TFP finally came up with their decision. Beanies have been seen on our favorite teen celebrities this year and also on fashion shows! The thing we love about beanies, is that no matter how many times you wear it cause you have a bad hair day not only will it cover up but make you look so young & trendy, Beanies usually give off a grunge look, but TFP are sure you can pull off any look you desire.

leixfg-l-580x580 Cara+Delevingne+Winter+Hats+Knit+Beanie+0A9JMXMYNXwl 232_high

We’re sure that beanies do the trick for your outfit, whether you wanna look grunge, hipster or just normally casual and wanna cover up your hair’s mess. They’ve been making teens go crazy this year, along with the word “SWAG” and the phrases that are written on them such as “Bitch dont kill my vibe!” or “Ain’t no Wifey”. You’ll find these Beanies available in brands like; Obey, Boy London, Burberry and online will do the job, but theres also Asos & Urban Outfitters if these are near you.

tumblr_mew6zxmbar1rojryxo1_500 tumblr_mrjmp5r5jS1supxk4o1_500 tumblr_mrjmrw500g1s9mm74o1_500

And last but not least, every girls crushes Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone & one Direction were all spotted wearing Beanies and we think they all look so sexy. Comment & tell us which celebrity is your fav! ❤


Guide: What to wear at the BEACH!


We all have maxi skirts at home, or short skirts for parties, but did we ever think we could have both?! Well the answer is YES ladies! While fashion never fails to impress, it also surprises us by giving us both at one! In the past two years, these skirts have caught our sight, and we took a glimpse and thought about the success by the designers and creators and how “superb” it is! No sarcasm, were being serious this is a fashion steal that everyone would love to own & show off with at the beach.


TFP thinks these type of skirts should be worn by the beach, or an afternoon event, or perhaps a casual hang out with your friends during the Day!  One way to wear it during the morning on the beach is to keep your bikini top on & look ever so sexy. For a late night party at the beach, how about a halter neck crop top that shows a bit of stomach and not much cleavage. In our opinion, these skirts fit best with a crop top, any color matching the skirt or you could go for the colour blocking look. Anyways, we wanted to bring your attention that this maxi ‘treat’ skirt give you a sexy but simply creative look.


They can be found in many fashionable stores yet our favourite ones are Zara, Bershka, Asos & one of the best online stores Nasty Gal! They have all your sizes & of course all the sexy colours this summer which may be nearly over but pastels are still in this Fall 2013 so don’t worry.


Au Revoir Fashionistas!

A trend for Fall you won’t want to miss!

The Fashion Poison sat down and made some predictions about what we expect to be in trend this Fall 2013! One of the trends we thought were most important and needed hunting were “Oversize Parka’s” so we decided to help you prepare for them, to prove to you we went “Runway Hunting” as we called it and took some snaps of our favourite parka’s from our fabulous designers.

Oscar-de-la-Renta-Fall-Winter-2012-2013-NYFW-01 (1)elle-dkny-fall-2013-rtw-31-de-R2L80H-lgn DKNY-Fall-Winter-2013-2014-Collection-For-Women-1

Well other than your grandma’s closets which are full of old, vintage retro clothes, Oscar de la Renta, DKNY, Stella McCartney, Burberry, Givenchy & Alexander Mcqueen made a new edition to vintage parka’s and included the new colour trends with the Oversize Parka trend. We all know that we would love to wear a massive coat when it’s cold out there but remain able to wear our shortest clothes!

oscar-de-la-renta-rtw-fw2012-runway-01_001508409212.jpg_article_singleimage 05HORYN_SPAN-articleLarge dcf057ca-ea90-4821-bd2e-b267f1ea6fd4

To top off our article we wanted to let you know that ASOS, River Island, Top Shop Forever 21 have released their parka’s and TFP knows that we’re all going shopping with each other. The colours they’ve used are either colour blocking patterns or military which is going to be the sweet bribe of this Fall 2013.

asos-dunkelgrun-hm-trench-coat~look-index-middle parka-look-winter-fashion-2013 parka-style-look-2013-winter-fashion parka-style-winter-2013 parka-style-winter-fashion

What Sneakers YOU should wear


Our lovable fashion houses, Isabel Marant and the Ash Sneakers have introduced their amazingly high, sophisticated Sneakers that captured our sight immediately, we were astonished! They come in all different sizes and colors, and give you a sporty unique look! These sneakers are what the Fashion World has been looking for years for & Finally it has been introduced.

cos-12-steve-madden-mdn-4576017 isabel images (5)

They have been rising this year, and so many celebrities have been caught wearing them, and they look amazing!Forget the heels, forget the trainers, wear these super simple sneakers out for lunch, and ANYWHERE you’ll look perfect! They’re here to give you the pinch of sophisticated and sporty!

Rock the Fur for Fall of 2013/2014!


The Paris, New York & Milan Fashion Weeks, showed us the meaning of FUR! All designers used fur in their sophisticated & elegant designs, and not only classic colours but vibrant colours. This Fall 2013/2014 fur will rock your closets and define your outfits, but if you choose to wear colourful fur then you need to make sure that the rest of your outfit is simple to maintain an elegant look, however if you’re looking for a crazy look then wearing coloured fur and vibrant clothes is simply what you’re looking to do. TFP suggests going with the elegant fur look even if its coloured fur, also the classic greige & black fur will remain in trend but don’t you all love a new look!


The Fashion poison caught these looks on Donna Karen, Tom Ford, Valentino, Gucci, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, Yves Saint Laurent, Emilio Pucci, Versace & Badgley Mischka. There designs were phenomenal and astounded the audience leading to a rain of appreciation from the crowd, they collected many opinions from the largest fashion magazines in the world!

trend_4elena-miro-new-collection-fashion-fall-winter-clothing-women-jacket-fur_20130224_1151601251 trend_8 trend_11 trend_14 trend_5

Sexy, Sassy Headbands to Rock this Summer!


Bonjour! This year TFP has seen a major rise in the use of headbands, with many celebrities wearing them to famous events. These headbands bring a unique catchy look to yourself, and increases your glamour! However, these can only be worn for specific occasions, NOT everywhere because they are so formal & elegant.


Today, we see a lot of girls wearing them like Paris Hilton, Khloe Kardashian and this brought a major change in todays fashion world. It does create a unique look to your hair, and to your face, and it’s so attractive! These headbands come in all sorts of colors, and patterns and ideas! Check them out! 🙂